Monday, December 15, 2008


It is 12:30 am, I am still awake. Gage and I were just checking out, which is something we do pretty often, heh. Lolcats, LolDogs, and Engrish. My face hurts from laughing so much!

The past few days I have been a little overwhelmed with the multitude of bible related things I am studying. I think I actually need to work out a schedule and cut a few things and save them for later. My mind can only handle so much at one time!

It is now -12 degrees outside. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -4. :-/ It is times like that that I really miss San Diego! haha.

Ok, it is time for sleep. Hopefully I will actually fall asleep and not stay awake *thinking* for an most nights. *sigh*


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