Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penguin Awareness Day!

Today is not just Inauguration Day....it is also Penguin Awareness Day! I just couldn't resist posting something about this, hehe. Today is a day to learn about our adorable little waddling friends. They are just so cute! One of my favorite things to do is learn about different animals, the complexity of God's incredible creations is always so fascinating to me.

Here are a few facts about Penguins that I did not know until today:

  • The largest living species is the Emperor Penguin which averages at around 3 ft. 7 in. tall!
  • The smallest species is the Little Blue Penguin that averages at about 16 inches tall.
  • They do not fear humans, they will actually approach humans. However if humans get within 3 meters of them they start to get nervous.
  • Penguins cannot breathe underwater.
  • Penguins are often seen surfing the waves to the land!
  • The average swim speed of penguins is 15mph.
  • The only time they are ever airborne is when they leap into the water :)

Click here to check out the Penguin Dance!

And for another familiar Penguin dance...



1 comment:

  1. My kids' favorite movie is Mary Poppins and I have watched this penguin dance more than I care to remember. :)


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