Saturday, September 1, 2012

I *think* we found a house!

This week I spent several days looking online at hundreds of houses in Sioux Falls.  I finally narrowed it down to about 11 that we may be interested in.  My number one house on that list is the house we looked at today.

Oh. my. wow.

It is even better than I thought! Usually the pictures make a house look better than it actually looks but in this case it actually looked better than the pictures.

And it is near the middle of our price range which is perfect.

It has many of the things we were looking for in a home.  The ONLY downside is that it is on a street that is near an elementary school several blocks away, so in the mornings and afternoons there will be some traffic. That and the dishwasher is on the opposite side of the kitchen as the sink...haha!

We've never bought a home before so the whole process is new to us, but we are excited.  I really hope we are able to get this house.  Because of first time home buyers rules there are some things the house needs to "pass" and that is what makes me nervous.   There are a lot of benefits to being a first time home buyer in South Dakota, so we really can't afford to not use those benefits.

We'll see!


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  1. Good luck! Buying your first home is exciting and stressful! Haha.


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