Thursday, October 11, 2012

A California Wedding :-)

On Sept 28th Gage, Zoe, and I flew out here to San Diego (really to Escondido), CA.   The first week was devoted to relaxing and preparing for my best friend's Wedding on the 6th!  Gage was a groomsmen, I was a bridesmatron,  and Zoe was the flower girl! Everything went as planned. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Honestly it was one of the best Weddings I've been to.   These two waited 7 years for their first kiss.   And I thought one year was bad (me and Gage married one year after we met and shared our first kiss on our Wedding day as well). 

My best friend and her daughter!

A rare shot of me with my daughter! (And baby, hehe)

The gorgeous bride!

Best friends for 21 years so far!!

Bride and Groom!  I feel like a match maker this week... I introduced these two 7 years ago!

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